10 Fun Facts About Plumbers You Didn’t Know


10 Facts About Plumbers You Wish You Knew

Everyone loves their plumber. He’s the one who shows up when anything goes wrong with your sinks, your shower, your pipes, your dishwasher, your garbage disposal, and – especially – your toilet. We take indoor plumbing for granted and usually never think about it. But as soon as something goes wrong, we have to either fix it ourselves or call that friendly plumber to get things back to normal again. If you don’t love your plumber, find another plumbing company to work with. Your plumber is every bit as important as your doctor.

Now here are ten fun facts about plumbers and plumbing that you probably didn’t know.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing1. Until recently, Mr. Rooter Plumbing, one of the nation’s biggest plumbing franchises, was headed by a woman. Mary Kennedy Thompson, a former captain in the United Marine Corps, is now the COO of the holding company which owns Mr Rooter. When she was at Mr Rooter, she used to blog under the name “Mrs. Rooter”.

Mik Diamond Plumbing2. Mike Diamond’s uncle was a plumber. Starting at age 13, Mike used to go out on service calls with his uncle on weekends.  By the time Mike was 18, he knew everything there is to know about plumbing and started his own plumbing service.


Mr. Speedy Plumbing & Rooter Inc.3. Before becoming a state-licensed plumbing contractor ten years ago, the CEO of Mr. Speedy Plumbing & Rooter Inc. was a very successful locksmith, and can open any lock, including safes and hotel safety-deposit boxes.


Plumbing-Doctor5. There’s a plumbing company operating in the south-west USA called The Plumbing Doctor. Their service vehicles look like ambulances, and their phone number is 866-FAST AID.

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